Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ha, Universe. HA.

So, apparently emo-ing publicly and at length about writing (or the lack thereof) is enough to get the universe to take notice. In the sense that, in the face of my moaning and fist-shaking, the universe is all, "Fine! You wanna write? LET'S WRITE." And then gives me extra homework. Yay?

Aside from the things I've figured out about the pilot I'm writing, I also discovered--in clicking around for yesterday's post--that it's now open season on the Disney fellowship. Final deadline: July 1. Existing shows only; no original pilots allowed. This means two, two, two scripts at once!

My mission for this weekend, should I choose to accept it: pick a show to spec, and get on it. This could mean Friday Night Lights (but is it too old, and do I have anything to add?) or Mad Men (terrifying to even attempt) or possibly Chuck (which may or may not play to my strengths); it could also mean catching up on something else really fast--Fringe? Do we have a decision on a second season of Dollhouse? What about something more obscure? Time for a hot date with Hulu, I think.

So this is...exciting? A scary busy time crunch (says the girl who wrote last year's submission in six days), but a good scary busy time crunch, I think. After all, there's nothing like a deadline to light a fire under me, and I'm hoping that my two projects will ultimately make each other better--that writing an existing show will loosen me up for the pilot, and that the experience of creating the pilot will make me better at the existing show. Also, I should be more careful where and to whom I grump about my writing woes (thanks for that, by the way--truly, the only person who is less excited about my writers' block than you Heh.


Xerxes said...

Something timeless yet current with a small number of characters to worry about -- Dr. Who!

Liz said...

Nah, it's got to be American. Wouldn't that be fun? (Ooh, also, I heard a casting spoiler the other day that made me very excited. But I won't tell you if you don't want to know.)

Xerxes said...

Let me guess, Rose is coming back!

Xerxes said...

Of course the big question is will Bones realize she loves Booth once they go through the surgery together?

I am sure by the end of next season Angela and Hodgins will be married. Will they let Zach come back to be best man?

Liz said...

1. Well, it does have to do with Rose. But that's all I'll say. *is mysterious*

2. Ooh, but there are also all these rumors flying around that Gillian Anderson might do some Who in the nearish future. This cracks me up, simply because I think she's trying to become a British citizen via TV.

3. Ha! Man, that show makes even less sense than usual right now, and I love it! But I wholly agree with you re: Angela and Hodgins. I can't believe they stretched that lame-o breakup for an entire season. They're entirely too cute for this.