Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oh, oh, we're halfway there (maybe)

In honor of my six-month anniversary with DC, a list--in no particular order--of things I like about this city:

- Superior hot sandwiches
- Music at the 9:30 Club
- Sarah
- Thunderstorms
- The Lincoln Memorial
- The Smithsonian
- Sherlock
- Being near New York
- Blooming dogwoods
- Adventures with/stalking famous people

Unfortunately, they still can't make a burrito save their lives.


Ben said...

If you stick around long enough, then we could be in the same city with the same employer - so Mills Elementary School 1987. You're right about the burrito, but Baja Fresh isn't so bad. That's one more burrito place than Amman has...

Anonymous said...

I think the Lincoln Memorial and SHerlock deserve double points each. And you can't leave before I at least get to visit you again! Noooo! And also the Chipotle burritos, dude, I wold still go back for those. Still better than TO burritos ;)

Xerxes said...


You forgot about the Jeffersonian, although since it is a high security place and you are a government you propably can't mention it.

Don't respond to this note, FBI is more than likely monitoring this blog.

Sarah said...

I am not a burrito fan, so I can't defend my coast's ability to make one, but I will say I do enjoy east coast fajitas. Then again, I just love fajitas in general so...

I feel that someday I need to go to California and eat some Mexican food, to see what all the fuss is about.

Liz said...


I know--maybe they'd even let us paint self-portraits on tiles and put them up in the lobby of Main State! That would be awesome.

I don't know, though. I think this whole living-in-the-same-place concept has merit, but wouldn't you rather live in the same place in California?

Liz said...


Sherlock gets, like, QUADRUPLE points. I think he may actually have gotten cuter since you last saw him--it's ridiculous. (Or, you know, maybe I fully adjusted to being a kitty parent. It could be that. Either way, I am so happy we picked each other.)

And I've gotta give props: in the absence of other burritos, Chipotle is a good substitute. I'm a fan.

Liz said...


Can't talk. The internet is being WATCHED!

Liz said...


You should! It's just a different thing--the rice is different, and the meat is different, and the salsa is sometimes different, and there are menu items that they just don't have here. Also, it's everywhere, which is a blessed thing (see: taco trucks). It's a whole culture.

James said...

Don't listen to your brother. He crazy! You need to come back to where you belong, the East Bay, not the East Coast. For we pine for you. And possibly oak.

I agree on the burrito scene, it was worse in Jersey, Taco Bell, that's what we had. It wasn't right.