Monday, May 12, 2008

12 of 12: May

Happy 12th to all, and to all a good night! For background info on the 12 of 12 guru, Chad Darnell, and to see other people's 12s, click here.

Getting on with it:

6:55 - Bed. Pondering whether a good hair day is worth ten fewer minutes' sleep. (It totally was.)

8:02 - Corner of Lake Park and Grand. Nancy Pelosi's hiding due to her own failure to protect the constitution? Hokay.

8:12 - Returning The Life of Emile Zola, the 1937 Best Picture, which I reviewed over the weekend.

8:25 - Part of my Monday-morning routine: copying my Entourage calendar for the week to the weird, low-budget Little Prince calendar I bought for $3.

11:01 - Break! Saltine crackers and Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress to ward off pre-lunch crankiness.

11: 27 - The Creative Screenwriting Magazine podcast, savior of many a long day of edit entry. I'm starting as far back as iTunes will let me and working my way forward, even the ones I've already heard, which should see me through for awhile (supplemented by Ira Glass and the This American Life team, obviously).

4:55 - Free! Waiting for the light at San Pablo and whatever street puts me on 580.

5:30 - Chatting with my mom. (Yes, I called her yesterday, too. I even took her out for gelato. What kind of kid do you think I am?)

6:55 - Christine being awfully nice and giving me a ride to our end-of-season choir BBQ. We must have been talking about pianos here (apartment-dwellers: traditional or electric?). You know, as you do.

8:26 - Super-secret shot of choir folks eating dessert and talking about the hopes and dreams of choir-dom.

9:20 - Alto section, second row, of whom I hope to see plenty over the summer break. I like these girls an awful lot (plus, they totally keep me in tune).

10:02 - Bones! How are you so crazy and adorkable all the time, and then BAM! Random violence!? Why do you play with our emotions like this? (Not like Agent Booth's going to die, or anything. What is this, Lost?)

Happy 12, all. See you in June. (JUNE! How did that happen?)


Dogeared said...

I love Bones, so will pretend I didn't read that (it was still pretty vague I guess) - is that s3? I wonder when we'll get it over here? I don't have the channel it'll air on, so I'll have to wait for DVDs. Ooh, that reminds me that Prison Break is out on Monday, s3 DVDs!


Liz said...

Oops, sorry! I didn't mean to spoil anybody. Hmm. What can I say to confuse you? :) (Also, S3 has been really good--I think you'll be pleased when it finally makes it over there.)

[waves back]

Ben said...

Thanks for pulling double the take-Mom-for-gelato weight. I'd take her myself, but it's an awfully long flight. Which reminds me - gotta book my ticket for Christmas!