Monday, May 12, 2008

Dear Bones,

I apologize for thinking briefly but with enthusiasm today about the extra writing time I would have during your summer hiatus. I didn't mean it! Thank you for all the singing this week! And one more thing: Please do not kill Agent Booth, because I think that I, not to mention one Dr. Temperance Brennan, would miss him terribly, and we don't want that, do we?

To recap, I will not gloat over additional writing time if you will keep my favorite striped-socks-wearing dork of an FBI agent alive.

With remorse,

A loyal viewer


Xerxes said...

They can't kill Angel, I mean Booth after all sooner or later Buffy, I mean Bones has to get togehter with him.

The writers had Cam frothing at the mouth and in a comma and she didn't die!

Liz said...

HA, that's a good point about Cam (also, that episode is GROSS).


I have to say, though, that now I'm more concerned about Sweets. They're playing the "somebody's going to die!" card in the promos, and I'm figuring it's got to be either him or Caroline Julian, whom I also love. But I will be MOROSE if they kill Sweets, because I like him more than is really natural. Don't do it, Bones!