Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Come on, baby, you drive me crazy

Goodness gracious! Great balls of yarn!

(I'm sorry; it had to be said.)

This came for me in the mail yesterday. At work. I think you really have to be a knitter to understand the joy of unwrapping this kind of volume of yarn, and I wish you could all see these particular skeins in person. These are the skeins that ate New York. They are each the size of a newborn, or a loaf of bread, and although they are not what you'd call super-portable ("What's that under your arm? A small sleeping bag?"), I somehow find myself unperturbed about the possibility of running out of the dye lot I need.

I have to admit: it's not mine, technically. Didn't I tell you? I'm going to be a professional knitter! Somebody I know from work made me an offer I couldn't refuse: I knit her a pair of baby blankets, and she gives me money. (Knitting as income! What a fine world we live in!) I even got to pick the pattern--I'm adapting the Mason-Dixon ballband dishcloth to blanket size. Basically, if I were using cotton (my patroness bought the yarn--all acrylic, which I feel we need to have a chat about), you could soak up half a swimming pool with this sucker. It's going to be awesome (she says, before she casts on).


Xerxes said...

Once you are done I would like a nice pair of cotton socks and a nice pair of wool socks -- shoe size mens 9 1/2 - 10.

A nice pair of mittens would be great as well. We could set up some sort of pay pal thing for payment! :-)

Liz said...

Hmmm. I realize most people--myself included--wear cotton socks, but I can't think of anybody I know who knits cotton socks, or even of any sock yarn that's made of cotton.

And you can place an order for socks if you'd like, but be aware that I'm still working on the same pair I started on my trip to England. Last June. Speed knitter, I am not. :)