Monday, May 05, 2008


The many astonishing sights of Maker Faire:

Twenty-foot musical, ear-wiggling, robotic giraffe; responds kindly to petting ("That feels good!"); answers to name of Russell: check.

Bona fide knitting celebrity the Yarn Harlot. Stop laughing, you.

Life-sized Mousetrap, fantasy of geeky children everywhere

Why yes, since you ask, that is the face of Nikola Tesla etched into a tortilla by a laser. How did you know? (Million-dollar scheme: calibrate this machine for the Virgin Mary. Seriously, people.)


Teri said...

Life-size mousetrap? That's so cool! I want one!

Xerxes said...

1. Who would the Yarn Harlot be there?
2. How does one become a Yarn Harlot?
3. How come all images of Mary make her look like a northern european?
4. How does anyone know what Mary or for that matter Jesus -- who also usually comes off looking like a northern european -- looked like?
5. Per #4 above, the descriptin of Christ in Revelation does not count!