Tuesday, August 12, 2008

12 of 12: August

Live from Oakland, it's...August 12! For background info on the 12 of 12 project (and 12s from fine folks all over the world), check out Chad Darnell's blog.

For info on my 12 of 12, keep reading.

7:11 - Wow. I'm scary in the morning. Sorry about that. (These waking-up photos seem to be getting progressively worse. This is not encouraging.)

7:53 - Somehow, choosing a pair of shoes was a major undertaking today. Can't we all just live in the Land of the Almighty Flip-Flop? (I ended up wearing the gray Chuck Taylors, which probably isn't better professionalism-wise, except that you can't see my chippy toenail polish.)

8:17 - Breakfast was improvised at work (ooh, bad shopping habits), but at least I got my fiber: one packet of oatmeal and leftover granola.

10:40 - Check out the new trailer for Pushing Daisies! I...cannot wait until October 1 for this, for Olive (and Lily) in a nunnery, and for Lee Pace being adorable, and for unorthodox urban honey pioneers, and for more of the nameless morgue guy. And for everybody lovin' somebody they shouldn't be lovin'. I just can't. Also, I think "I wake pies and make the dead" would be an amazing subtitle for a blog. (Note to friends: Please don't let me start another blog.)

12:00 - Sneaking (or perhaps "going" is more the word) home for lunch. Sometimes the Key kitchen is just too much of a wasteland to believed. But so early in the week? Bah.

12:22 - AHHHHH. White pizza and Jon Stewart (who...okay, is President Bush here) in my happy, shady, quiet apartment. Not at work. Brilliant.

12:48 - Ooh! Getting snippy, Grand Lake Theater sign! "For a good time, call 415-556-4862." Heh.

5:25 - Heading across the erector-set bridge to my hometown, to pick up a bridesmaid's dress.

5:45 - Rebecca and an ice-cream cone from Double Rainbow: Best time-killer ever? You decide.

6:30 - I was initially skeptical about the whole "polka-dot bridesmaid's dress" concept, but have now been completely mesmerized and mollified by the poofy, shiny adorableness of this dress. I would kind of like to wear it every day, with white string gloves. That wouldn't be weird...would it?

8:32 - Home to fresh Netflix. It's the end of Series 2 of (new) Dr. Who, which I suspect is going to make me bawl my eyes out, as I am horribly, uncharacteristically spoiled and know what's about to happen. So, naturally, I plan to Handbrake it, put it on my iPod, and watch it on the plane later this week, where I can freak lots and lots of people out with my emotional anguish over Rose Tyler. I'm awesome, what can I say?

9:25 - I constantly want to mock synchronized diving, but then I know that any personal "diving" experience from that kind of height would only involve lots of pushing and falling and screaming, and a belly flop at the end. So if anybody wants to try and choreograph that, let's talk.

Good times, good times. Next month: September 12! Surprise!


Xerxes said...

I hear there is talk of Rose coming back.

For your flight you should rent "Airplane" and "Snakes on a Plane".

Teri said...

I watched some synchronized diving last night. On one hand, it's absolutely ridiculous. On the other hand, it's kind of awesome. How do they make themselves spin at the same rate during the somersaults???

Liz said...

xerxes, how far are you into the series? Because I am (again, horribly and uncharacteristically) spoiled through this past season, and...yeah. (Seriously, I will be SO HAPPY to see her again, even if it's only for a few episodes--Billie Piper has her own show on Showtime now, so I imagine 4x13 is the end for us and Rose, but since DW series 5 doesn't start until 2010, maybe it'll go back to being The Rose/Ten Show? I could go on about this all day long. Anyway, I am absurdly attached to Rose, and am kind of not looking forward to the Doctor's heartbreaking grief come series 3.)


Liz said...


I know! I wonder this, too. Like, can they be all, "wait, you're spinning too fast!" mid-dive? Also, I bet having a coach around is vital, because it's probably really hard to tell how much in synch they are without a third party.


HeHa said...

2010?! Why such a long break? I was fine with waiting for the usual Christmas special, but more than a year?

Pete said...

Double bonus points for having Arrested Development and Spirited Away DVDs there from Netflix :)

Xerxes said...

I am just at the end of season two of the new set of Doctors. Our Chicago PBS station airs them on Saturday nights.

Liz said...

Ooh, so you're right where I am. I'm just about to watch the last episode of series 2. (This show is SO DORKY and I love it SO MUCH MORE than I thought I would. I love its heart, even though I think it's about to break mine.)

Xerxes said...

Yeah this one is pretty sad although when you stop to think about it, a relationship between Rose and The Doctor would never work.

Dogeared said...

Oh yay for Doctor Who! I didn't know you watched it :D I picked up seasons 1 and 2 of the new Who in France, as they were so much cheaper than in the UK (though I think missing the Christmas specials, but oh well).

And I don't think your opening photos are getting worse [hug].

Liz said...

xerxes and dogeared--

Man, I just finished S2, and it was SO SAD, but SO GOOD. I think Billie Piper is always great, but especially when Rose is all heartbroken and hysterical--and she killed me in the beach scene. And the Doctor, crying too? OH MAN. I knew what was going to happen, but that was a sad sad scene.

(Also, xerxes, you're bumming me out with all this "the Doctor and Rose would never work out!" talk. Heh.)

Thanks for the hug, dogeared! Maybe the morning pictures will swing back to the cute side of the spectrum soon (I honestly do think it's partially a function of no sunlight in the mornings--it's foggy here!).

Anonymous said...

I agree - polka dot dress COULD have been an interesting idea, but it's super cute. I think you should push for the white gloves.