Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Couch feet 2, actual feet 0

Question: What are the odds of spraining(?) not one but both of one's pinkie toes in one evening at home?

Answer: For normal people, probably fairly low. For me? Chance of departure 100%.

If you must know, I was watching Mad Men and winding yarn balls--walking laps around a hank of yarn wrapped around the end of a table, rolling it into a ball as I went. And the little carved wooden feet on my couch, I swear, jumped out and attacked, all "I am a (paisley antique) lion and your little toe is a cute baby grazing-type animal!" I fended it off in a spectacular show of tripping, hopping around, and moaning, you know, as you do. After the first incident (aka "the left one"), I moved my ball-winding apparatus away from the couch and walked in the opposite direction (exposing the other foot to harm), which apparently angered the foot-chomping monster even further. Cue second ruthless baby-toe attack; tripping, hopping, moaning.

I don't really think they're broken--it hurts to move them, but they do move--but the shade of purple they're sporting this morning is really quite pretty, so you never know. And at least I'm symmetrical; it wouldn't do to have just one invalid foot.

I gotta start wearing shoes.


Anonymous said...

Ugh! Feet are not our friends this week. Maybe they just need a little love? Feel better soon!

Mom said...

You could always knit yourself some cute little toe cozies.

Ben said...

If you ever want to exile the paisely green lion, I'm more than willing to tame it!

Liz said...


I guess! But I'm afraid to touch them, so real love (in the pedicurial sense) will have to wait.

I hope *yours* feel better soon, too. If they don't already.

Liz said...


Hee, I could, once the swelling goes down. I bet there's bruise-colored yarn out there, too.

Liz said...


You know I mean the couch, right? (The chair would never DREAM of acting in such a way, because it is perfect in every way.) I actually have been pondering what I'm going to do with the couch long-term, and it's possible I might take you up on that offer at some point.

The chair, however, is staying with me. :)