Friday, August 29, 2008

Blessed are the patient, for they shall have sweaters that fit

Phase one of the Tangled Yoke Cardigan is done. This is the body, from the hem to the armpits, plus a few inches--I followed the pattern and then (with much impatience, and a fairly long chat with myself about sweaters that don't fit) tacked on extra rows to accomodate my ridiculous long-waistedness. It took a long time (with, you'll remember, a baby blanket in the middle), but I'm so pleased with it; I just love the way the fabric looks. I sometimes stop knitting and admire the flow of the stitches off the needles--the smoothness of the stockinette and the happy tweediness of the yarn I chose.

Now it's on to the sleeves, which I'm knitting using a new technique, the Magic Loop, which will allow me to knit both sleeves simultaneously on the same circular needle. My boss at work has been teaching me (best meetings ever), and I know it's the kind of thing that will ultimately change my life--i.e. eliminate the possibility of me finishing one sleeve and being simply unable to fathom starting another--but is currently not the epitome of ease and simplicity. Does this photo look like a random tangle of yarn to you? Because it does to me. But I'm slowly figuring out the mechanics of the Magic Loop--a weird study in kinesthetic vs. visual learning, if ever there was one--and I suspect I'll be patting myself on the back when I realize both sleeves are a) finished and b) identical. Here's hoping.


Xerxes said...

That's pretty brave of you placing the sweater on "THE COUCH". For all you knew "THE COUCH" might have decided it was tired of toes and proceeded to eat your sweater!

Along the line of taking a long time to finish something, my wife has been working on a quilt for my youngest daughter since she was a baby. She is now 16...

Golden Years Gal said...

Blessed are the patient...I feel that way sometimes when I am knitting a sweater for a customer. Right now I have 3 sweaters and a hand knitted coat that I'm working on. Bad thing is, Fall is coming way to fast. So will set myself down more and let the rest go.
This business of knitting for a living is wonderful. I enjoy seeing all the beautiful yarns and patterns that people pick out themselves.
Onward to sock orders and more sweater order and maybe even a knitted coat or two before Christmas orders.

Liz said...


Re: THE COUCH, my entire mission in life this week has been to not kick anything else, and to keep my poor bruised toes away from the couch feet! No more attacks, I say. (I got kind of nervous at the farmers' market today--I was wearing flip-flops, and there were so many people there, I was sure my feet were going to get stepped on/run over.)

Also, your wife should talk to my mom about unfinished quilts. (Sorry, Mom, but you know I'm not lying...)

Liz said...


I am intrigued by your knitting for a living--I recently knitted a baby blanket for hire, and I enjoyed it, but was so glad to get back to my own work! Also, at the pace I knit, a knitted coat for somebody else wouldn't be worth it. (On the other hand, knitting all the time!)

It's nice to meet you.