Monday, October 13, 2008

12 of 12: October

A day late, but hey, I'm on vacation. What do you want from me?

For the lowdown on 12 of 12, check out Chad Darnell's blog. Otherwise, enjoy.

8:10 - Conscious, at a reasonable time and everything. Hooray for Sundays!

8:25 - Reading in bed: the reason weekend mornings were invented? You decide. (Almost done with The Name of the Rose. Long, but I do know more about the papal history of the 14th century than I did. Plus, murder! So there you go.)

8:42 - Apple-cinnamon oatmeal: official poster food for people who can't keep up with buying milk.

9:15 - Project Runway on the TV. I wish Tim Gunn would come over and help me get dressed every morning; I feel like he'd be the perfect combination of encouraging and matter-of-fact.

11:13 - Leaving church.

12:20 - Brunch at Lakeshore Cafe, where I always manage to convince myself that the tomato-spinach Eggs Benedict counts as health food. Not a good precedent.

1:17 - Packing for L.A. Sweaters? Shorts? Who knows? (Turns out sweaters were the right choice. The Santa Ana winds don't mess around.)

3:56 - The Altamont Pass windmills, as in, "I was born into the life of windmillery." Heh.

3:57 - More of the Altamont.

6:33 - Dinner, McDonald's, Kettleman "City", with my friends and ride-givers Sue and Will.

8:15 - Dark. I-5 somewhere in Kern County.

10:54 - Made it safe and sound! Hanging out at Kendra's house.

Good day. Next month: November! (Already?)


Xerxes said...

Okay I know I am a literary cretin but what is "I was born into the life of windmillery." mean?

Have a good vacation!

Of course you still need to answer the important questions -- to your self at least, not the blog:

1. What will I wear on my first day of work?
2. What will I bring for lunch?
3. Where will I eat lunch?
4. Who will I eat lunch with?

Once those questions are solved the rest is easy!


Sarah said...

Project Runway! I didn't know you watched. I want Tim to come to my house, too. I love you, Tim Gunn!

Liz said...


"Life of windmillery" is actually one of my favorite lines from an old episode of Pushing Daisies, which I've always wanted to use in context. :) (It's the one with the girl who lives in the windmill, and the diamond thief, and the pigeon, if that helps.)

I have not yet answered any of those questions, but hey, I've got 48 hours (almost exactly!). Also...see my previous post.

Liz said...


I generally don't, but I'm finding that I like it a lot more than I used to. PR used to stress me out, but I think it's gotten less nerve-wracking for me. I watched a lot of it while I was working on my PR-themed 30 Rock spec, and came to like it. Plus, who doesn't love Tim Gunn? He's so cool!

Anonymous said...

I love the one of the 5 at night! So elegant. That would be a great backdrop for something. Hope you are enjoying la-la-land.

Xerxes said...

Oh okay I know the episode of which you speak!

Xerxes said...

BTW, I figured out how to use the Pizza Stone. Heat the stone up in the oven, take a frozen pizza out of the freezer and place it on the stone. Cook for 30 minutes.

And my wife says I never cook!

Dogeared said...

Hi again! Wait, are you starting a new job?

And mmm, reading in bed... I don't do enough of that (don't do enough reading full stop really), and I must try to do more, seeing how you've managed to read that long Eco book - I've been nursing a 100 page book on French people/etiquette for about 2 weeks now, only reading it on the Tube (I have a short trip) or at lunch.

Have a good holiday!