Sunday, October 26, 2008

Things I am realizing about moving to Washington DC

I have no office clothes.

I have no winter clothes.

I should start knitting for myself in earnest.

I am going there, and all of my friends (except Sarah) are staying here.

I can get a cat!

I am spending Thanksgiving in New York, which seems fabulously quaint and East Coasty.

I will miss out on the West Coast Thanksgiving hors d'oeuvres table.

I will have to switch banks.

I will not have to switch medical plans.

I can go visit the Smithsonian, or the Lincoln Memorial, any time.

I'm leaving in two weeks.


Xerxes said...

Scary but cool at the same time!

Don’t forget you can also visit the Jeffersonian at any time as well.

BTW you are also going to have to trade your flip-flops in for real shoes. You may also want to buy socks as well! :-p

Liz said...

Hee! You know, I always forget that that show takes place in DC. I was going for being Scully, but maybe I should go for being Brennan?

And you jest about the shoes, but this is the absolute truth. I have no idea what kind of shoes people wear there in the winter, and part of my mission for this week is to find out. The combination of rain/snow and office clothes and the desire to not look like my grandmother is confounding to me.

Ben said...

You'll quickly learn that people in DC have zero fashion sense. A friend of mine called the style "defeated bureaucrat". So don't worry about what you will wear, or what you will eat. After all, the pagans worry about such things. ("God bless those pagans." --Homer Simpson) I mean, can you even add an inch to your height?