Friday, October 17, 2008

Flux, or Why I'd Better Brush Up on The West Wing

So, I was planning on going to work on Thursday. I was. I made lunch (Farro and Roasted Butternut Squash, only I used quinoa); I picked an outfit (jeans and a sweater). I was prepared.

And then, well, the U.S. State Department called, and I told them I would move across the country to work for them instead.


I don't consider myself a thrill seeker (not a fan of heights, falling, 3-D movies, enclosed spaces, or creatures that dart or slither), but I think my friends and family would agree that the past ten days have been mostly fueled by some mixture of adrenaline, reckless hope, and generalized uncertainty. The entire process took one week, including accepting the offer around the time I was supposed to be heading off for my first day at the other job. It just happened, in a good way, the way where it's just so convenient you know it must be right. It's a really good job, a job writing in the English language about the English language--so very Jasper Fforde!--which is a little synechdochic representation of two of my favorite things. I keep thinking that it wouldn't be my life if something crazy and wonderful didn't just happen at the last second, and that I'm not sure I'd change that if I could. I like surprises (...don't quote me on that).

So that's how things are now: trying to picture myself a month from now and finding the image strangely blurry. I'm haunting Craigslist of Washington DC, debating the merits of pod storage vs. movers, exploring strategies for fending off crushing loneliness (a. convince friends to move, too; b. cram all of California into suitcase; c. acquire time-stopping device and teleportation skills), and looking forward to a new adventure. It's fun and stressful and I don't even really know what it means, probably, but I think I am ready to find out. I'm pretty sure it's the right thing.

See you on the East Coast.



ramarks said...

That is exciting - you will love DC (ask your brother about the fun spots) - and you will discover the pleasure of flying JetBlue Oakland to Dulles. I am very happy for you.

I might actually get to see you when we come to see my family in northern VA.

Liz said...

Thanks! I'm really excited.

And do DEFINITELY call me if you're in Virginia! (It'll be like calling me when you come to Ikea now. :)

Stacy said...

Otnay ashay oodgay ashay itingwray inhay igpay atinlay abouthay igpay atinlay. But a great opportunity anyway! We'll miss you!

Sarah said...

Wheee! I'm so excited for you to come here! I think we'll have fun, and I think (hope!) you will like the East Coast and DC. It's purty. But um...a lot different than California. I know you know that but...I'm just saying, so you're not totally shocked. But different in a good way! I promise.

Dude, I'm just gonna meet you for reals in like, three days. That's nuts.

Ben said...

You forgot to mention that you'll be working with your bestest (and, um, only) brother in the US Department of State! We're going to take on this world of ours together! Oh, the places we'll conquer!

If you need friends in DC, I've got plenty to spare. Did you know that my former roommate Brooke is there? I'll recommend him to you on Facebook. He's also an expat Californian, so you can weep/plan the seccession plan together.

Anonymous said...

Liz, that's INSANE!!! But really in a really great way, of course. Maybe now I finally have enough excuses to go to DC now that you'll be there. Now what to do about vacation days???

Seriously, though, I'm so happy for you! But you'd better not stop blogging, or I'll hunt you down...

Liz said...


Awwhay, I'llhay issmay ouyay, ootay. Eythay eednay octorsday inhay ashingtonway, ouyay owknay. Anywayhay, ustmay eepkay inhay ouchtay! Ihay eanmay ithay.

Liz said...


1. I am Facebook friends with Brooke now, and maybe we can be actual friends, too?

2. Today I looked at an apartment where, from the roof deck, I can look into your apartment. When you come back: flashlight signals! (Also, that would mean we'd live like a block apart.) Actually, I might really want to live in your apartment, so we should talk about that.

Liz said...


Do! Come visit! I would love that so much, I can't even tell you.

Also, you could not pry this blog out of my hands if you tried. I'll definitely be around. :)

xerxes3712 said...


That's exciting, contragulations! I get the impression from your blog that you have spent most of your life in Cal so this is a really big move for you. I can give you some recomendations on good Churches in the DC area if you want any.

Also two words -- winter coat.