Monday, October 27, 2008

Harry and me

Have I told you all about my love for apartment hunting? Here: I love apartment hunting. I've gotten away from the post-college annual-move phase, so for the last few years I've mostly been finding places for other people, but there is something thrilling to me about the possibility of a new space. When I was little, we'd spend hot afternoons looking at air-conditioned model homes, despite the fact that my parents haven't moved since 1980, and I think the apartment search is just the same sensation: I look at every room and try to figure out where I'd put the furniture and what color I'd paint the walls. I liked, and still like, seeing what my life could look like.

It's a good thing I feel this way, because I'd forgotten that apartment hunting for me is approximately 10,000 times more stressful than when I'm not actually looking to move--I don't know how people do it, if they don't already like checking out empty houses. In DC last week, I looked at basically every type of apartment (brand-new, hills-old, row-house, big building, small building) in every type of neighborhood (Capitol Hill to Arlington; Columbia Heights to Alexandria). I looked at nine places in two days, and at the end could barely a) remember my own name or b) feel my own toes (hello, walking city). It was exhausting, especially after I realized that I had not flown 3,000 miles across the country for an exercise in potential, and that I would actually have to choose a place. To live. By myself.

That said, I am pleased to announce that I've found myself a home base in DC, and that it is a home base beyond what I could have expected. I've signed a lease on a beautiful, furnished one-bedroom waaaay up on the northwest side of the city, a quick bus ride up from Dupont Circle and half a mile from the Vice President's house. Harry S Truman lived in my building, and there's a fantastic view of the National Cathedral from the roof deck (and also, apparently, from my kitchen window when there are no leaves on the trees). After the parade of the iffy, strange, inconvenient, and exorbitant places I saw, this place was clearly it, and I am nothing but thrilled to get to live there (and also to not have to move all my stuff across the country--furnished, remember?). I think my new Sleep Number bed and I will be very happy together.

So that's done, and a huge load off my mind. Now...oh, right. EVERYTHING ELSE.


Anonymous said...

Hurray! That must be a big load off your mind. I hope there's room for me to sleep on the floor somewhere when I come visit. Maybe you'll see me in February after all - provided you do the good scoping out of the local yarn shops! And if you need enabling, errr, I mean SUPPORT on wintery knits you know who to ask ;)

Xerxes said...

But what about THE couch and chair?

I can see why you would banish the couch -- toes and all -- but the chair as well?

bilunabirotunda said...


This is also a test comment as I've been having trouble commenting. Apparently now that I have a blogger account I can't post as being from LJ - I get an error message. No - I don't have my blog up; I guest-posted on a friend's blog.

Liz said...


I definitely have room for you! And I know DC isn't as sunny as San Francisco in February, but there's tons of stuff to do, and...if you want to come, we'll make it fun. :)

Also, I may well take you up on that support. Why move to the East Coast if wintry accessories aren't part of the deal?

Liz said...


Since my new place is furnished, I'm putting my actual stuff--including THE couch and chair--in storage. That way they'll be ready for me (or for my brother, in the case of the couch) when I'm ready to come home. :) It's the best of all worlds!

Liz said...


Comment received. :)

Xerxes said...

20 years from now you will look at your most recent credit card statement and realize that you have been harboring your furniture in CA while you have lived in DC, and you will wonder why you are committing this madness. At this point of course one of your children will whine at you and your furniture harboring habits will slip your mind for another 10 years.

Liz said...

Hee, this has totally occurred to me.

HeHa said...

Woah! I take some time off from the blogging and I come back to find everything upside down. How exciting!

Picking out my room and imagining my life in a different house has made me a model home/apartment walker too.

Ben said...

It's even more fun to walk around DC and ask yourself, "would I buy this place?"

JeffSC said...

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