Monday, November 10, 2008

Long haul: Estes Park - Omaha

So, first things first: the Rockies are gorgeous. Look! Look at the mountains! And then you come around some random bend and there's a whole HERD of elk. Everywhere. Crossing the street behind you, looking all freaked out. (Also, bighorn sheep.) See?

You'll note that all of the pictures here are of Colorado, and that we actually drove across Nebraska as well. This is partially because my camera battery ran out, and partially because the Cornhusker State and I are on what might be considered chilly terms, mostly because of the weather. Like, it might have tried to kill us. Also, a lot of it was in the dark. So we'll have to start the Midwest tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow: Chicago! (Assuming the weather is nice, which is a big assumption. We may be doing Winterset, Iowa instead.)


Anonymous said...

What an awesome cross-country trip you're getting out of this! And wow, look at the snow. It is really getting to be snow season. We even had a few small flurries yesterday, up here.

Are you going to do A Very Special 12 of 12: Road Trip Version?

Teri said...

Brr. Chicago is awesome, though, judging entirely on the 24 hours we spent there in August. I hope the weather is permitting you to go there.

Sarah said...

Chicagooooo!!! Say hi to it for me, will ya?

Xerxes said...

Not to mention that there is NOTHING IN Nebraska!

I am north of Chicago in Libertyville, come on up and we can do lunch!

Stacy said...

So this has nothing to do with Colorado or Nebraska, but does relate to your new job:
I now feel personally disappointed by the word "careen".
Have fun in Chicago!

Liz said...


I am definitely doing A Very Special 12 of 12 tomorrow. Which sounds like I should be giving birth or something, or worse.

Liz said...


We made it--lots and LOTS of rain, but no ice today, so here we are. I have heard nothing but good things about Chicago, and I can't wait to go explore. We'll have to compare notes.

Liz said...


Will do, definitely! I know you heart this town.

Liz said...


I'm booked for lunch tomorrow, but you wouldn't happen to be coming to Chicago, would you?

Also, why did I think you lived in Irvine? I'm confused.

Liz said...


What I'm confused about is: If "careen" doesn't actually mean "to lurch along at high speed," what *does* it mean? Is it a relative of a container for soup, or what?

Xerxes said...


I have relatives in Irvine.

I have basically never left Illinois -- sad isn't it!