Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Message received, self.

Raise your hand if you are at all surprised that, after the last month of my life, I am sick.

Yeah, me neither.

It's my fault. I moved and then drove and then moved again and then started a new job and then had houseguests and then went to the Sondre Lerche show at the 9:30 Club (totally worth it, BTW--I don't care who you are or what kind of music you like, you will like Sondre Lerche), and then my body said OKAY, WE'RE NOT DOING THIS ANYMORE, and so here I am, sniffling and sweating and leaving a trail of Kleenex behind me. It's miserable, but it's not very mysterious.

The good news is that, in a moment of prophetic grocery shopping, I bought a box of frozen, chocolate-dipped bananas the other day. When all other foods seem disgusting, when I simply can't conceive of keeping anything else down, the frozen banana saves all with its cold, tangy goodness. Nice one, self. Keep it up with the therapeutic snack foods.

The other good news is that I'm hopping a flight to New York tonight, heading up to some relatives for Thanksgiving. Of course, this would all be better if I were not in danger of a) passing out in the middle of Dulles International, or b) infecting an entire plane full of people with the plague, but I am excited about seeing this side of the family, about a big Thanksgiving meal (ironic; also, if I'm not eating properly by tomorrow, heads will roll), and about doing whatever it is New York people do as fall turns to winter. It's going to be good times, and I hope your Thanksgivings are also wonderful, no matter what you're doing.

I'm having a banana and going back to bed.


Xerxes said...


Sorry you don't feel well. Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving in NY.

Did you see Pushing Daisies is being cancelled? I am sooo depressed!

How was the final leg of your "long haul"?

bilunabirotunda said...

Hope you feel better and had a good Thanksgiving! Ours was much as usual, including the 3 types of cranberries and The Game.

Liz said...


Thanks! I'm feeling better now, and Thanksgiving was good. I hope you had a good time out Chicago way!

I *did* see about PD, and it breaks my heart, though I'm not surprised. (Actually, since they also cancelled Dirty Sexy Money, I have this tiny secret fantasy that Lee Pace and Peter Krause will get a show together. Because they're both free now! Also, did I tell you that I started watching Chuck? You're a Chuck fan, right?)

The last leg was good--very pretty through Pennsylvania, and then we hit this wall of pea-soup fog coming into Maryland. But we made it.

Liz said...

Mrs. Fitzpatrick,

Thanksgiving was good--as my cousin said, "You have to accept that, when you come to New York for the holidays, you're stepping into a Normal Rockwell painting." It was nice. (Not that Santa Cruz Thanksgiving isn't picturesque,'s a scale thing.)

Ooh, I can't wait to hear all about the game! Any new elements this year? And are we meeting this next week?

Xerxes said...


I used to watch Chuck but I threw it over for PD, now that PD is going away I might go back to Chuck.

Bones question -- since when is Bones' father out of jail? I must have missed an episode.

Liz said...

X (Can I call you X?),

Yeah, I think that's a worthy trade--PD is objectively so much better than Chuck. But Chuck's just grown on me so much lately; this season's been a lot of fun. Maybe it'll show up to comfort me when PD's gone. :)

Also, Max is out of jail because last season, they had his trial and Bones implicated herself in the murder of the FBI dude, thereby creating a reasonable doubt about Max's guilt (even though, of course, she knew he did it). It sounds lame when I say it, but it was actually a really good episode. Why he's back now, I can't say.