Saturday, November 08, 2008

Long haul: Oakland – Salt Lake City

Today, I left California and became homeless/on vacation/crazy for leaving. Here's what it looked like:

(Donner Lake, where the "People ate other people here!" plaque had, regrettably, been stolen; the old man in the parking lot did not seem totally sure that Christine and I hadn't taken it from under his nose. Like we have that kind of trunk space right now.)

Tomorrow: Estes Park, Colorado (weather permitting), or bust!


Ben said...

Did you visit a certain open-pit copper mine? Or eat a certain style of hot dog?

Stacy said...

Hope the road-tripping is going well! The second row of the alto section tomorrow is going to be so lonely! I'll have to harass the tenors to keep myself occupied.

Liz said...


You know, we did not (it was dark when we hit Utah anyway), but I did share with Christine the story of the hot dogs, and also kept my eyes peeled for VDCs. Didn't see a single one. But then, the week is young.

Liz said...

Hi Stacy!

The road-tripping *is* going well. Christine, I might add, is a hardcore driver--I think she has legs of steel. Also, there has been much singing-along with choir music via the iPod. ("DIXIT! DOMINUS! DOMINO MEO!," etc.)

Please do harass the tenors. You can even tell them it's from me, if you want to spread the blame for any inter-section wrongdoing. Hope everything's going well! (Oh! Also, we're listening to the new Sarah Vowell book on the Puritans, The Wordy Shipmates. It's good so far.)