Sunday, November 09, 2008

Long haul: Salt Lake City - Estes Park, CO

This was a good day. Truthfully, any day that begins with a waffle-maker at breakfast, continues with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (live!) and a stuffed penguin from the Shackleford expedition, and ends with soup and bread in a hotel room in the Rocky Mountains can't be all bad. To wit:

The choir. I *guess* they were okay, if you like that perfection stuff. (CAYAC could totally take them, for we are small but scrappy.)

The Mormon temple. I can't go in, being neither Mormon nor male, but hey. They've got a cool golden angel up there, so that's something.

Utah. I kind of expect John Tesh to show up, don't you?

Little America, kitschy mid-Wyoming pit stop extraordinaire. I assume they got the sign wrong; shouldn't it actually read "Real America"?

An actual penguin from the Shackleford expedition, which was supposed to have been live but, uh, failed in that regard. Maybe Little America had something to do with it.

Wyoming. This is the whole thing. But check that weather!

Catch you tomorrow in Omaha.


Heather D said...

Um, don't you mean Shackleton, not Shackleford?

I'm sure the choir was amazing, but I don't think I could stomach it at this point. Still a little bitter post-election.

Teri said...

I despise Little America with every fiber of my being. I just wanted to let you know. I'm glad you're keeping us updated. I thought of you yesterday and was sad that I never emailed you "Drive safe and have a great time seeing random part of the country!" before you left.

Anonymous said...

Hi, you mention not being able to go into the mormon temple due to not being mormon nor male. You were half right there. The mormons are particular about who goes into the temple and not even all mormons can go in there but its not a boys club, I would actually say that most people who go into the temple are, in fact, female. Just thought I would set the record straight on that one...mormons can/are sexist in other ways but not in the entrance to the temple kind of way.

Anonymous said...

oh, apologies for the anonymous comment but I don't ahve any of the accounts and couldn't really be bothered to sign up for one right now. My name is Colin Spear and I come from South Africa. My email address is So now I am not so anonymous anymore.