Monday, January 12, 2009

12 of 12: January

Welcome to 12 of 12 (144 of 12 x 12?) 2009! For the method behind the madness, and other people's entries, check out Chad Darnell's blog. Otherwise, here we go.

6:50 - January Monday, pre-dawn. This is my "over the moon" face.

7:03 - I feel that some savvy marketing person could base an ad campaign on oatmeal as the poster food for people who a) don't go through milk fast enough, and therefore have fridge-door cheese factories, or b) can't be bothered to buy fresh things in the first place. "Oatmeal: For the Single Person in You!" or possibly "Oatmeal: Don't Be Such a Slob."

7:48 - I was running late, but so was the N4. Relief all around.

7:58 - This is the Colombian embassy at Dupont Circle, which somehow always makes me feel like I'm at Disneyland. Sorry, Colombia. Your embassy is just too cute.

9:20 - My two main reference books for today. Did I forget to tell you that I moved 3,000 miles to analyze the use of the American vernacular phrase "dreadful sorry" in the folk ditty "Clementine"? Soon--when the funding comes in--I will move on to the nature of redundancy in "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain When She Comes."

9:22 - Who had residual jalapeno oil on her fingers when she tried to put in her contacts this morning? You get three guesses.

11:40 - Brainstorming (male) kitty names. Suggestions welcome.

1:07 - An unsuccessful attempt at a discreet self-portrait taken in the mirrored ceiling of the elevator at work. A total stranger now knows thinks I am a crazy elevator self-portrait-taker.

4:45 - Leaving a tiny bit early to make a 5:15 movie. Note how it is not pitch-black outside. This gives me hope.

7:30 - Sarah and me on our shared quest to see all of the major award-winners/nominees/hopefuls during their season of actual relevance. Subpoint: More bhangra dancing! I need more moments of Bollywood-inspired musical-kinesthetic unity in my life.

8:28 - I am going to skip "too lazy to cook" and go straight to "look at all that whole-grain/high-calcium goodness," and hope nobody notices.

8:35 - I am exhausted from all that...sitting? This is sad. Perhaps cheese and crackers and Stephen Colbert will cheer me up.

Happy January, folks. Stay warm.


Anonymous said...

I keep thinking your kitty name needs to be something basic and vaguely fannish, like Ned or Simon or...something else perhaps. ;)

ramarks said...

My favorite cat name is Oscar - Ellen called him Whiskers though - he was often called Oscar Whiskers when he made a mess of the litter box. His brother's name was Thomas.

Xerxes said...

Mickey, then when he catches a mouse you can say, "Oh look, MICKEY got a MOUSE!"

For the general public you can shorten it to Mic and tell people you named it after Mic Jagger.

BTW, glad to see you have joined the rest of the country and moved from flip flops to actual shoes or boots!

Liz said...


Well, you see, I originally had this grand plan to get a girl kitty and name her Olive (this was before the days of PD, btw), because it is possibly the best girl-cat name ever. And then, when the possibility of sister kitties entered my brain, I wondered if it would be too weird to name them Olive and Charlotte. So, you know, the thought has occurred to me. Vaguely fannish names I am considering include Sherlock, Beetlejuice, Spock, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, and Beaker. So basically I have no idea. (Also: male cats = SO MUCH HARDER TO NAME.)

Liz said...

R. A. M.--

I actually considered Oscar, because it's a pretty great cat name. I need to spend a few days with the kitty in question to see if it fits.

Also, I didn't know you guys were cat people. Who knew? (Besides you, of course.)

Liz said...


I do love the Mick Jagger idea (and, indeed, any retro musician name, not that Mick Jagger is strictly retro...but he is, a little). Hee.

And actually, my flip-flops are MISSING, which is distressing to me. I last saw them around New Year's, and can't figure out what I did with them (these are heirloom flip-flops, by the way; I've had them since 2001, and they are perfect in every way). So, yeah, I had to switch to boots. :)

You haven't been skulking around DC, looking for some perfectly molded footwear, have you?

Avery said...

Hey, you! I have those slippers!

Anonymous said...

For the record, boy babies are much harder to name, too! We could've named a dozen girls with no problem, but had two boys, so there were struggles.

Myself, I'm a fan of human names for pets, so I'm nominating Dennis, Trevor, Iain, Duncan, Franz, and Robert (pronounced in the French style - Rho-berr).

Then again, Sherlock is pretty awesome.

Polt said...

I've been in the Columbian embassy, and it is just beautiful!!!

I too want to see Slumdog Millionaire...but I'm sure I'll get it on Netflix before it works its way around to the theaters out here.

Oh, and just wondering, what are you gonna do on Inaugural Day? you gonna venture outside, or just stay in and out of the crowds. :)


Liz said...

Hey you back Avery,

They are my favorite slippers ever, regardless of the fact that they are not completely warm (slip-on = chilly ankles). They are just entirely too cute for their own good. Also, Target always seems to have them, which is nice since mine are developing a hole in the bottom.

You probably didn't want to know all of this about my relationship with my slippers.

Liz said...


Franz had actually occurred to me, and I'm thinking about it. It's kind of funny, right? I had *not* considered Roberrrrrr, and will add it to the list (also, mid-post brainstorm: Moses the cat?).

I do love Sherlock. It is horribly tempting to get a second cat so I can have theme-named detective kitties (not a good reason).

Liz said...


Maybe I'll make it inside the embassy someday; I just like that it's kind of pink and very very pretty, and it's the first building you see on the Dupont metro escalator. It's a weird thing.

Ah, Inauguration Day. I'm planning to head down to the Mall on the actual day (and take tons of pictures, promise!), but mean to not leave the house the rest of the weekend--DC is going to be an absolute MADHOUSE. OY.

Happy 12 of 12!

bilunabirotunda said...

That's right... it was the 12th... I'm such an on-again-off-again 12-of- 12er. (That was really far too many hyphens. Pls reword at your convenience.)

What about Bingley for the kitten? Or Darcy? But I think Bingley is a more kittenish name.

Must be kinda nice to have the boys on before your bedtime, eh?

Dogeared said...

I love "How I Met Your Mother", so I say use Barney. And then you can cause people endless confusion by telling the cat "Suit up, cat!". Or by picking him up and going "Hi? Haaave you met Barney?", handing him to them and walking away :D

And ouch on the jalapeno oil/eye mixing. Not good!

Enjoy inauguration - I've read one of his books, need to read the next. But I do like the guy!

Liz said...


I have also considered Darcy and Bingley--I think Darcy suits him better, personality-wise, but I don't like it as a cat name in general. It just makes me picture Crispin Bonham-Carter (which isn't a bad thing,

Heh, maybe Kitty X should be pen pals with Lucy and Clyde.

Liz said...


Oddly enough, you are not the first person to suggest "Barney," and for the same reason (did Glenna put you up to this?)! I personally think Neil Patrick Harris would be a funny name for a cat. Also, if I'm going for "Haaaave you met _____?" I might as well go with Ted, right? Heh. Oh, HIMYM.

(I also thought of a Dr. Who-related name the other day, which I have now forgotten. Curses.)

Ben said...

Sarah and ME? You call yourself an editor???

Best name for a cat: General Tsou. Hands down.

Liz said...

"Sarah and me" is correct, because if Sarah were not in the picture, I would say "This is me at the movies," or however the sentence goes. So...this is Sarah and me at the movies.

(If it makes you feel better, Mom totally taught me this wrong when I was little, and I didn't learn the proper rule until I was an adult. D'oh.)

brady said...

While I love the idea of a cat named Syntax, I think I'd hate the person who'd name their cat Syntax.


Hibe said...

I have to agree with you on the Disney-like architecture.

Ouch, ouch, ouch... I don't have contacts, but I have rubbed my eyes after cuting hot peppers. I can only imagine what you were feeling. Of course there are other things you shouldn't touch after cutting peppers, but we won't go there.

My preference if your going to name your cat after a musician, would be Jerry Garcia, but I'm just an old Dead Head. I kinda like the name Shiloh otherwise.

Okay, so you want to study redundant lyrics, How about Doris Day and "Que Sera Sera". Alright, so It's french, but it's still an american song I think.

Happy new year and what a great 12 to start it out. Hope you're finding the DC area to your liking.

Alyson said...

Glad to read you're enjoying DC, already met Barack!!!, and are on the lookout for DC-version of bhangra, Liz!