Sunday, January 25, 2009

This is totally going to become a cat blog

Sherlock says,


It's only 2001 in kitty years.


Anonymous said...

He looks like the picture of kitty bliss!

Xerxes said...

I like the name Sherlock, very fitting for a cat!

We would have a cat if I wasn't allergic to them.

brady said...

Awesome. Everything of value that you own will soon be destroyed, but still. Awesome.

Xerxes said...

Actually I believe everything Liz owns that is of any value is in storage in California.

I think you should have the toe eating couch shipped to DC and watch it and the cat fight for supremacy.

You could make it into a YouTube series. Sherlock and the Angry Couch.

Liz said...


You are right that most of my possessions of value are in California, but all of my *landlady's* possessions of value are here. Things are mostly okay so far, due to a layer of aluminum foil on the sofa armrests (I hear I can take them off eventually), but if I could just get him to work up any enthusiasm AT ALL for his scratching post, I think we'd be golden.

Also, I'm sorry you're allergic. I worry that nobody will want to come over now that I have a cat--it seems like everyone in the world has kitty allergies these days. Maybe they're just allergic to extreme cuteness?

Liz said...


I absolutely thought of Spader and Disaster as I kitty-proofed my place. I just remembered you buying many, many replacement electrical cords. (Sherlock's an adult, which may help, but still.)

Xerxes said...

Having him declawed and neuterd would help -- of course then he could never leave the house.

I can visit people with cats, it's just the long term exposure that gets to me.

Anonymous said...

That reminds me that you should go check out They did an lolcatz contest, and it's among the recent posts. Though that's generally not my bag, since it's using The Office scripts, I can't hate it. The third one is my favorite.

Alison Henry said...

OMG, Sherlock is SOOOO cute!!! And I love that you have finally settled on the name Sherlock. It fits. And please don't declaw him. That is kitty abuse! He will need his claws if he accidentally goes outside!!! NOT that he will, but Maslow has had some close calls. In fact, Maslow has made it as far as the neighbor's door before Paul was able to grab him.

Alison Henry said...

oh yeah, and by the way, whoever said that the cat would destroy all your stuff was totally right! Maslow has decided that it is extra fun to go into the bathroom during the middle of the night and play with EVERYTHING on my shelf. He really likes batting around my hair thingies. It is GREAT waking up at 4am to loud bangs in the bathroom followed by scurrying sounds. I love finding all my bathroom stuff on the floor at 4am. Not Paul's stuff. All my stuff. I think Maslow is going through a teenage-like stage. Be prepared!

Anonymous said...

I am lovin' That cat some...LOL
Al's Dad

Liz said...


I would never declaw! I would *get* a declawed cat, potentially, but it's a terrible operation, and no kitty of mine will have it.

You're totally right about the hair bands--I keep finding them in weird places. Either that, or I hear him making scratching sounds on the couch, and when I come in to see what's up, he's all, "Hey...this hair band tried to eat me. I had to show it who was boss."

He's super-cute right now, though. He's sacked out next to me.

Liz said...


I'll definitely check it out! I know people love OfficeTally, but I've never actually been over there.

BUT. It was sort of horribly tempting to name Sherlock something LOL-cat related. Or to make macros of him. Which is appalling, but there you go.

Liz said...

Al's Dad,

Aww, I'm glad you like him! He's a good guy. Though I think Eddie and Lucy would eat him for lunch.

Are you feeling better?

Anonymous said...

Hey Liz,
Lucy is sitting on my lap right now, purring and drooling uncontrollably. I am not sure if it is me or Sherlock that has her in the mood. He is quite the handsome cat. Indeed..this is kitty bliss!
I was having a tough winter but I am fine now and reading the complete works of H. G. Wells...courtesy of son Geoff.
Give Sherlock a big hug for me.
Al's Dad

Anonymous said...

Awwww, adorable! :)

And I fully support the idea of a cat blog!

Anonymous said...

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