Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why I don't believe in coincidences

Since I moved to DC, I've been looking for a church. I'm spoiled in this area: I've known three churches in 28 years, each unique, but each full of people struggling together, with grace and extreme humanity, to live out the Gospel as they know it. I'm grateful that it's never been that hard, finding the right place to worship.

For awhile, I thought maybe I'd found my place here in DC--National Presbyterian, where the choir is spectacular and the teaching pastor comes from my church in California and I ran into Condi Rice (which I think I forgot to mention)--but it wasn't right. I'm back on the market, so to speak.

This past Sunday, because I had an appointment in Alexandria around midday, I decided to try church in Virginia. The last time I tried this, at a church in Arlington, I got hopelessly lost, missed the service, and decided to go to the mall instead (God knew I needed work pants; He didn't seem to mind). This time, I gave myself plenty of time, printed out detailed directions...and proceeded to get EVEN MORE LOST than the last time. Seriously. It was a nice drive--trees, river, a really interesting program about Sesame Street playing on NPR--but it wasn't church, and I was lost and frustrated and teary anyway over the death of Mr. Hooper. The service had started at 10:30. At 11:05, I arrived (at last) in Alexandria, gave up on actually going to service, and decided to kill a few hours on King Street before my appointment. I was stopped at a red light. Guess what else was at that light? Fairlington Presbyterian Church. Service at 11:00.


I went. It may be my church for the future; it may also be my church just for this week. Either way, I had to laugh, and shake my head, and be grateful.


Xerxes said...


Sounds like Santa should have gotten someone a GPS for Christmas!

The son of a good friend of mine and his wife go to Immanuel Bible Church in DC. The Church web site is:

Check it out you might find it fits you as well.

Ben said...

I feel your pain. First Baptist DC - 16th and O - is still my favorite. Diverse congregation, good preaching, hymnals. But the choices in DC are not the best, for sure.

Liz said...


Awww, I'm old-school. What I really need is a better map.

I'll have to check out Immanuel. Thanks for the tip!

Liz said...


I liked your church fairly well when I went, but I don't think it's for me. I did like the church I checked out this last Sunday, though--Wisconsin Ave. Baptist. It was TINY, but very diverse. I'm planning to visit a couple more, then try to make a choice.