Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Things you don't want to know but I want to tell you

1. I left my flowered (but thankfully cheap) umbrella on the Metro this morning. Now I have another one (hot pink; also cheap, because of the Metro-leaving-on), but I miss the old one. I really liked it.

2. My toenails are not great.

3. I understand that mushrooms are a fungus that tastes a little like dirt/feet/dirty feet. I like my dirty-feet fungi with garlic and parmesan on a Tuesday night.


Xerxes said...

Uh thanks for sharing, I think...

I like my mushrooms with a good stake and a Guinness Stout!

Teri said...

I painted my toenails bright green over the weekend. They had been dark blue for far too long. They were, to my slight embarrassment, quite the topic of conversation at work Monday, while we were all eating birthday cake and my boss was trying to make some point about something seemingly unrelated.

I like my fungus sauteed and with steak. I used to think cooked mushrooms were slimy and gross. They I grew up and discovered how delicious they are!

brady said...

I can't believe you talked about your umbrellas. You KNOW how much I hate listening to stories about umbrellas.

Liz said...


Oh, I KNOW you love toenail/mushroom stories. Don't lie to me.

I think that I would also like the steak/mushrooms/Guiness combo, especially if we left the steak part out. Not a vegetarian; just picky.

Liz said...


I am glad you discovered the joy of cooked mushrooms, because aren't they just the BEST? My apartment smelled like butter, and I hadn't even used any. They're magical! And not just in the controlled-substance sense.

Liz said...


Well, look who has his own domain name! Oh la la!

But I am happy to hear from you; I was planning an email to you wherein I commented that TAL has been especially good lately (what with the Poultry Slam and David Sedaris singing Billie Holiday), and also maybe something else? I don't remember. But this just goes to show that if I slack off on emailing you, YOU WILL FIND ME INSTEAD. I like this rule.