Wednesday, December 12, 2007

12 of 12: December

Hey! I remembered! (See? My failure to complete the 1-11 meme imprinted enough guilt on my brain that I couldn't forget. Genius!)

7:02 - Awake, kind of.

7:57 - Oh, Grand Lake Theater. Never change!

8:05 - Yes, I live in California, and yes, I dress for the Arctic. Mornings are chilly, okay?

10:20 - My first Christmas present of the year--from a coworker. It was an amaryllis plant. Pretty!

10:40 - Isn't it weird to think that this will someday be a Tangled Yoke Cardigan?

4:48 - Getting off work before dark, technically. I call this a win.

5:03 - There really is nothing better than coming home from a long, hard day and finding Arrested Development in your mailbox...

5:04 - ...unless it's Arrested Development and garlic-flavored crackers with garlic hummus. I just can't imagine why I'm single!

8:15 - I actually did go to crew practice after my snack break. It wasn't very photographable: dark and wet. But the post-practice pile on the bathroom floor doesn't lie.

8:48 - Frankly, the only dinner for which I had the energy or presence of mind.

8:49 - Entertaining myself while the spaghetti cooks. I'm finally, finally reading Persepolis. So far, so good.

9:02 - Speaking of long, hard days: Lee Pace, take me away! (Sad episode, though.)

See you for 12/12 '08!


Glenna C said...

Yayyyy 12 of 12! I still have to assemble my pictures. Ohhhh, the long hard day of attempting work, wrangling oil-stained kitties, and baking cupcakes. And yay Tangled Yoke!

Linda said...

Great pics! And isn't Netflix a wonderful thing? :)

Susan said...

tee hee hee....I tried to take that EXACT picture last night! it didn't come out as well as the one I ended up using!
yes....CA is FREEZING right now! I can't believe it!
and, btw, have no fear about all that dh and I knew we were meant to be together when we both ordered garlic bread on our first date! lol!!

Lipp said...

Nice '12! Crew sounds fun but cold, luckily you have the Grand Lake Theater to warm you up!

Dogeared said...

If you think it's cold in LA (or as cold as I imagine LA ever gets), you should feel our mornings... [icy shiver]

Mmmm, love garlic!

And yeah, I'd say Exeter's pretty - maybe next time you visit!

Helen, 12 of 12er (Dogeared)

Anonymous said...

great 12. this was my first. Love Netflix!

Scooter said...

Great photos. Thanks for sharing them.

Stephanie said...

Yay, Pushing Daisies! I actually missed last week's, but Tivo has it saved for me. I'm glad you enjoy it as much as I do. =0)