Sunday, December 23, 2007

Queen of the Sloths

Every day for the next 11 days, my first thought will be, "You're on vacation!" You have to hear it the way my mom says it--"You're onnnn...vay-caaaay-tion!" She says it like it's some kind of revelation. Which, of course, it is.

My entire agenda for today is:

- Knit and watch the second half of Bridget Jones's Diary, which is and ever shall be one of my most favorite movies; I'm just at the part where she's leaving the Smug Married dinner party, and Mark Darcy tells her he likes her just as she is. And it only gets better from here! Hi-larious. And totally moving, in a weird kind of way. I love it.

- Go see Juno in Berkeley

- Church

- Whatever post-church trouble/merriment I can find

- More deadline-induced knitting

If I am very, very virtuous (or very, very hungry), I might head over to Farmer Joe's to see if they have mangoes. Or if anybody's selling tamales in the parking lot, because Christmas Eve-Eve tamales = delicious.

See how interesting I am? But it's the best kind of boring.


Ben said...

Mom's vay-cation thing actually has a Mount Hermon origin, you know. Ken Harrower said it one year in that exact tone - I think you were still in Day Camp at the time. It caught on after that.

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