Monday, December 03, 2007

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I know. I know! Late already.

3:36 - My living room as a sweatshop. Luke and I volunteered to sew/hem 25 chiffon sashes for the women in our choir; turns out working with chiffon is like trying to sew fog together. But Christine and Christine offered their help, and Luke's serger will save the day, and we will have our 25 sashes by the time of the concert (Sunday and Monday, December 16 and 17, for anybody interested)! It's going to get done.

My apartment still looks this way--three hours of work yielded a few well-measured pieces of fabric, some diagrams and planning sheets, and exactly one (admittedly beautiful) sash. Since we have twenty-four left to cut and serge, we decided to leave the Young Adult Choir Wal-Mart Express up and running.

Any mess in the name of choir is so worth it, though. It's hard to express to people who've never been in a choir what it's like. It's even harder to express to people who've never been in this choir what it's like. I'm no vocal prodigy, but I love this choir. I love standing in the middle of the group and getting so carried away with the sound of us that I almost forget to sing. I love Monday night rehearsal, and post-practice trips to Yogurt Park for yogurt or Triple Rock for cheese fries and a cider. I love that I know people now that I never would have met otherwise, and I get to call them my friends. I love that the music stays with me all week--I know I'm not the only one that practices in the car, in my office, and in my head. Sometimes our songs catch me off guard, so that I realize that what we're singing is exactly right for my life in some moment, and it can't possibly be accidental. Can it? The whole experience has blessed me in a way that I never could have expected and wouldn't trade for much of anything.

11:47 - Stayed out too late on post-Hanging of the Greens energy. BED!

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Ben said...

Hanging of the greens! Good thing they go to another church now...